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November 28, 2007

Some Pics from Luxor—بعض صوّر من الأُقصر

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The pictures (after the jump) were taken at various places on the first day of a Nile cruise organized by ALI in the area of Luxor. Ancient Egyptian sites included Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, The Valley of the Kings, and the temple at Luxor. There are also pictures of lots and lots of tourists. More pictures from the rest of the tour will follow shortly and commentary on the tourism industry in Egypt (above and beyond the photo captions) will follow within the week. (more…)

November 4, 2007

Collecting places—مجموعة الأمكنة

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States I’ve Visited

There’s something insidious about this website (click on the map to go to it) that will generate such a map for you based on the states you click, designed for you to be able to show off the states you’ve visited (there is another version for the world traveler).  And, no, it’s not because all of the states are red.  It’s because it is one of the most crass illustrations of that crass urge of so many tourists and travelers (I engage in it myself) to collect places—their cultures, their terrains, their vistas—as so many notches on the belt, as so many state-shaped vinyl stickers on the back of the recreational vehicle.  (more…)

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