Infrequently Asked Questions

Something always bugged me about the notion of a FAQ (that’s Frequently Asked Questions for the troglodytes among you). Maybe it’s just that they have tended to very rarely answer my questions. Maybe my questions are not asked frequently enough to be addressed. Beyond this, however, the FAQ strikes me as a crutch for intellectual laziness. I get the sense that most authors of FAQs are coping with an inability to express themselves effectively by having an “a-synchronic” and disjointed conversation with some imaginary fount of inquiry. The result is a document full of answers to questions that have never been asked, each of them isolated from all of the others. And yet it is a singularly useful tool for a similarly disjointed, schizophrenic public, unaccustomed to formulating its own salient questions, much less searching for answers off of the internet.

It is my hope that this blog and its comments can be a forum for the exploration of such salient—if infrequently-asked—questions.