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October 27, 2007

Maggots in the Cherimoya—دبان في القشطة

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MaggotsSugar Apple—قشطة

I ventured out today to get some fruit and vegetables at the Sayida Zeinab Suq. I have to admit that i walked around for a while and then chickened out and just went to the smaller market off of Falaki, near AUC. I barely feel confident ordering food in Arabic, and i definitely don’t feel up to the challenge of bargaining. I always get decent vegetables at a good price at the Falaki market, though, though not on fruit. After getting the veggies, i went to the fruit vendor on the corner of Falaki and Mohammed Mahmud and paid entirely too much for 5 mangos and a cherimoya. Actually, it wasn’t a cherimoya, but rather a similar species called in English a “Sugar Apple” or “Custard Apple”. I have to say, it does not compare favorably to a Cherimoya, at least the kind i’ve had in Southern California. (more…)

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