Pictures from Aswan and Abu Simble—صوّر من أسوان و أبو سمبل


Ths is the last batch of pictures (at the jump). This includes the pre-dawn bus-ride from Aswan to Abu Simble, the temple at Abu Simble, Lake Nasser, the High (Diggety) Dam, Philae Temple and Elephantine Island. Once again, some commentary is included in the photo captions, but more will follow within the week. Enjoy! Digg Diigo Facebook Google Google Reader Newsgator StumbleUpon Technorati

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One Response to “Pictures from Aswan and Abu Simble—صوّر من أسوان و أبو سمبل”

  1. Billyjohn says:

    The left is criminally ngnlieegt about covering these stories. I hope Coptic Christians in Canada can organize, vote Conservative and make these atrocities known. Thank God for the internet and Sun TV. Can you imagine if a mosque was burned down by a bunch of christians? Haroon Siddiqqui would be frothing at the mouth and the entire left wing media – CBC, etc., would have this as front page news.

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