Biking in Cairo, Take 2—ركوب الدراجة في القاهرة، الڤيديو الثاني

Here’s another attempt at filming my daily commute, to and from school (down Qasr Al-Eini—قصر العيني and back on the Corniche—الكورنيش). This one is not as crooked as the last, but rather more shaky. The traffic is a bit more exciting, though. More pedestrians, more wheelchairs, more crazy drivers, more horns, more cabbies absentmindedly sticking their arms out the window (another reason to plug those bar ends!), more greetings with the bawab (doorman), more close-up shots of my nostrils. Good times! Digg Diigo Facebook Google Google Reader Newsgator StumbleUpon Technorati

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